Learning to Walk [Draykan || Nez, Ceth, Kai]



Kai’s eyes welled with tears as Nez began to head forward. She hadn’t understood a word the dragon had just said, but it was obviously something courageous and it gave her hope that maybe, just maybe, they would win this battle.

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Draykan was surprised the king understood Nez. Her tongue was ancient and barely known, and for him to understand the language meant that he was old indeed. Or at least learned, which was equally bad for them.

Helping Nez push the guards back, he shoved them through the side doors and warded them shut. They wouldn’t be able to be opened or broken, although it took a little bit of his strength to keep them up

"We are not leaving until you revoke the banishment on your daughter. Arranged marriages are nothing but trouble." As they’d found in the past, and the hard way. "What good does it do to banish your only daughter from your kingdom? Does that not create even more issues?"

No matter what, Dray was hoping to resolve this without fighting, but he had a sinking feeling that wasn’t going to happen.


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A Mixed Reunion



"Going out? Of course. I think that’s what most people seem to do when they want to catch up and spend time with their loved one. Though, people confuse me. i could indeed be wrong…" Xion mused softly, suddenly finding words enough to speak at length.

"They do both. You’re not wrong. I was more just saying it as a redundancy, and I apologize for that." He smiled and stood up, offering his hand down to her. "May I take your hand m’lady, we can go out right now. I’m sure there will be reservations ready for us when we arrive."

Learning to Walk [Draykan || Nez, Ceth, Kai]



Kai blinked once before she answered. “Purple is the color given to the king and the royal family. It’s basically the master control for every staff, hence why I can control the other staffs. Of course, I can’t do it from anywhere, I have to at least see the other staff to deactivate it. Purple means there is no primary defense magic- because everything is equally balanced.”

Which was why it was so vital that she keeps it at her side. Should anyone find it, their whole city and system would be doomed. “My father has the control staff, which is even more powerful than the one I hold in my hands. It controls every single staff in the palace, and can give the location of any staff at any given time. Luckily for us, my father never registered mine, so he won’t know I’m here.”

Nodding her head over her shoulder, she turned to continue forward. “We have one more hallway before the main chamber room. We’ll have to be quiet, because this is the sleeping chamber for the service workers in the building. The majority should be sleeping, minus two or three guards who will be monitoring the hall. We’ll have to take them out quietly, if we can.”

Nezera grumbled low in her throat. “Of course this has to be the last hall before we reach the master hall. So cliche.

Kai seemed to at least assume Nezera had said something humorous and laughed a bit under her breath before she opened the door to the last hallway.

Draykan chuckled and nodded his agreement. “Cliche indeed. Let me deal with this love. I feel the urge to show off." He winked at her and Kai and then snapped his fingers, literally disappearing before their eyes.

This was one of his more fun techniques, although it did drain him a little. It turned his whole body incorporeal, unable to be seen or felt. The water didn’t even ripple as he moved through it, quickly approaching the rear guard. Then he tapped its head once, the finger appearing for the briefest second before the guard started to spasm then fell silent. 

He wasn’t dead, just had his senses overloaded with electricity, as if shot by a high powered stun gun. He should come to in a few hours. 

No time to congratulate himself though, because the other guard turned at that exact moment and spotted the limp body. But he didn’t get a chance to raise the alarm, because Draykan appeared in front of him as just a head and smirked.

"Boo." He whispered, placing a finger to his forehead and sending the same volt through him too.

Guards neutralized, he reappeared in front of Kai and Nez and chuckled. “Oh that was fun. I should have saved my powers for the king, but I just couldn’t resist having a little fun. Alright, let’s go confront your dad Kai.”

A Mixed Reunion



She was fine with him babbling. It made her feel more at ease. At least someone had a lot to say. It was comforting. Her eyes closed softly and kept a rare but content smile on her face as silence grew between them before Draykan’s question.

"Dinner. Me and you, please." She stated simply as her eyes opened. "Is that okay with you?"


He saw the smile on her face and his own smile grew. Her face always grew far more beautiful whenever she smiled, and he loved it. At her question he nodded. “Dinner with you would be absolutely lovely. We… Are going to have to go out to eat though, but I could get us a fancy restaurant. My cooking hasn’t improved any since you last saw me.” He gave her a sheepish smile at that and glanced at his kitchen which was still soot covered.

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Draykan looked down at his little friend and smiled. “We can do that. I even have a working telescope we could use. The stars are so beautiful, and without the light pollution you can really see them well here.”

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Learning to Walk [Draykan || Nez, Ceth, Kai]



Nezera pulled back, once again feeling lightheaded from using her bending. It was easy; mermaids were surrounded by water, and creatures of water, and their blood was much easier to control. But being under salt water and resisting killing them was making it very hard, and was taking it’s toll on her. However, being the tough creature she was, she wasn’t going to ask Draykan for help.

Kai followed after them and looked at the guard’s broken staff, which was currently in Cethin’s hands. “The crystal determines the primary roll of the staff. Blue is electricity. Green is paralysis. Red is heat- not necessarily flame- and orange is telekinesis. Any other color hasn’t been set to have a primary roll. The staffs are bonded with the person they are given to- which is why if you break the entire staff, the merman dies. Destroy the crystal, and the merman simply becomes momentarily stunned, give or take a few seconds.”

The dragon cocked her head to the side. “So what does purple mean?" It took her a long second to realize that Kai wouldn’t understand her, as Kai began to head down the hall without replying.

As Kai explained what the staffs did, he was suddenly very glad he hadn’t gone through with his first impulse and snapped the staff to make sure they couldn’t be used again. Then he’d have been responsible for the first murder, and that wouldn’t have been good at all.

When Dray realized that Nez forgot that Kai couldn’t understand her, he moved up and tapped her on the shoulder, repeating the question in the common tongue. He was curious now too.

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Learning to Walk [Draykan || Nez, Ceth, Kai]



Nezera sighed and looked at her mate and shook her head a bit. “It’s hard to keep them alive and immobilize them at the same time. I’m used to only having to really kill using the bending. It just makes me lightheaded is all.

Kai held out her arm to stop them before they turned a corner, nodding her head to her right to indicate a guard standing at the very end of the hall. “Be careful with this one. His staff is electric and will zap anyone within a two meter radius of him. The staff needs to get out of his hand first.”

The dragon turned and looked at Ceth, who gave a subtle nod of his head and pulled one of his daggers out, moving Kai out of the way so he could see down the hall. After finding his target, he let the dagger fly from his hand. The dagger shot forward and went straight through the crystal on the tip of the staff, shattering it while Nez moved to keep him still and awaited for Dray to tie him up.

He nodded back. “Still, if it gets too much you can always draw on my powers and magic to boost yourself.” It would basically be like drawing from the universe itself to boost her magic, that was all Draykan really was, the conduit for all the universe’s magic with a personality.

As soon as the dagger went, Draykan followed after it, quickly subduing the guard and tying him up with a practiced ease. 3 down, one or two more guards to go, then the king himself. He really hoped he was see reason, but had a sinking feeling that wasn’t going to be the case.