✔ I know you didn't reblog the post but either way your one of my favourite blogs

Thank you very much, I like you blog too.

But guys, this blog is on Hiatus, please send all asks adn such to my mun blog, draykan-mun

Posting another link to my mun blog since I have a feeling some people don’t know where I am going to be active.

Just so you guys know, this is where I am for pretty much the entire Hiatus.

Dray’s Death


Here’s the Hiatus story, under read more for both length and content.

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So they only ones I know that are left to kill of is Volund and Drakine

Ah, but there is another character that you have forgotten about. One that makes sparse appearances, but is nonetheless critical to Dray’s story.

Your killing Heather off arnt you


Is Draykan officially gone?!

No, if you recall before the story I said that I’m not killing anyone off. Well… I guess that’s a lie since I am killing /somebody/ off, but I don’t think many people know who that is. But to answer your question, he’s not gone.

One more word, I will be sending memes that don’t require my input, simply as this is a break from me RPing and not a full Tumblr break.

Dray’s Death


Here’s the Hiatus story, under read more for both length and content.

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Dray’s Death

Here’s the Hiatus story, under read more for both length and content.

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Who would care if I went on Hiatus now instead of on Monday? Not like I’m actually doing anything with the blog. So yeah, Hiatus will actually start today, I already have the story typed up to explain why it’s happening IC, so yeah.

Hiatus starts today, once I put up the story.

Here’s a link to my mun blog, where I will be for pretty much the entire Hiatus. Draykan-mun

Dunno when I’ll end it, but I’ll say when on my mun-blog.

Hiatus anouncement


Alright, so I’ve been doing some thinking, and I have decided that I am not going to go through with what would have happened. I actually decided that a while ago, but left it up to see who would have actually cared, and the results are almost exactly what I had expected. Only a few people, the regulars, actually cared about my blogs.

But that’s not what’s going to happen. Instead, I am going to go on an RPing Hiatus, most likely starting Monday. I will be dropping all but one thread so I don’t feel them hanging over me, all my characters will be moved to this blog, since I really don’t feel they get much love on their other blogs, and I will be going an IC event to explain the Hiatus, to set up some plot points, and make it reasonable why the three are on this blog.

No relationships will simply be broken unless the muns wish it to be so, or they wish to do it in an IC event, however there is going to be a plot point relating to his relationships brought up.

So that is what is going to happen, I’ll still be on Tumblr, although I will instead be on my mod-blog, which is really a side-blog to this, but all my Rping blogs will be put on hiatus, and the other two will be deleted once I move them here.

You’ll know when I go on Hiatus by the story I’ll write for it.

Reblogging for the afternoon/night time peeps




A post with as much useful information I could conjure up about how to get started with roleplaying if you’re new to it. You’ll have to excuse any typos and if I’ve forgotten something as I didn’t make this post on my best day.

  1. What is a roleplay?
  2. Words you need to know
  3. Finding your character
  4. Creating your blog
  5. Finding your writing style
  6. Getting started

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Do this anonymously or not, I wanna know.


  • †: I would date you.
  • ∆: I would marry you.
  • *: You’re cute.
  • : You’re hot
  • ©: I like you.
  • ≈: I love you.
  • ß: I have a crush on you.
  • ^: I want to be your friend.
  • Ω: I hate you.
  • ◊: I like your blog.
  • ∏: I would fuck you.